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The demand for excuse notes is high and little wonder many businesses are thriving by selling different versions to users. Since this document is often used to deceive a teacher or an employer, it becomes really confusing asking whether the use of excuse notes  is ethical or legal.

Well, this is a question that really has no straight cut answer if you ask me! For the user, it could be ethical since he would justify the many reasons that prompted him to indulge in this act, and for the seller it could be legal since he is creating a product under the confines on the law.

However, I think the moral or ethical justification of the use this document is guiding employees and students to make this decision. Of course, if the ethical justification is strong for the user, I don’t think he is going to follow that route. (You might want to read this doctors note article.)

In discussing the ethics and legality of the use of a excuse note template,  the seller comes to mind. What does the seller thinks?  Well, the seller is there to do business, and once his business is not infringing on any known law, then it becomes ethical for them to continue. In other words, the legality of selling overrides the ethical use of this note.

So, my point is that there are ethical considerations as well as legal considerations when it comes to the use of excuse notes. These apply to both the seller and the user. However, most users are seeing excuse notes as legal documents because they see that it is publicly sold. After all, if these documents aren’t legal, why selling them publicly?

Conclusively, in my opinion, it is ethically wrong and illegal to use a excuse note. If the selling and buying of this sick not is legal then using it for deception becomes illegal Those that have succeeded with it only deceived their boss or teacher. Even when these documents are presented they are not presented as fake but as “real” excuse notes. It takes extra scrutiny from the employer or teacher to actually find out if the note is real or not.

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